World MasterCard Fashion Week Presents: Korhani Home F/W 2013

On day 3 of World MasterCard Fashion week, the highly anticipated show by Korhani Home hit the runway. Walking into the dark runway room, a massive full moon covered the backdrop to the runway stage as the omnious sounds of a rainstorm thundered from the speakers. Dark gothic prints in grey, purple and black coated the models who were styled with black with white streaked cobweb hair and thick kohl eyemakeup. Some of the opening pieces had gold tassel trims that were fabulous. The models, bearing crows in their hair or in cages by their sides, had stone cold looks on their faces making the whole show very eery, but obviously still remarkable.

As the lights dimmed for a split moment, the second part of the show came on the runway displaying a 20s theme. Flapper inspired looks were in muted earth tones (either limestone and black or orange and tan patterned). The peacock feathered headbands standing high and the perfect use of tassels were what really caught our eyes. This theme ended in almost a love story as a well dressed man took the hand of the final flapper and whisked her off the runway.

Disco music bumped and colourful lights began flashing as the third and final theme had models rocking 70s styled swooped hair and retro rug-dresses with block patterns likely to have been seen on the dance floor at Studio 51. Paired with fur vests and bright t-strapped heels, this theme was clearly the complete opposite from the gothic, dark opening theme. The cheetah prints were over embellished and beautiful foxy rugs we impeccable. We especially enjoyed the final piece, an over-sized flashy pink fur jacket. Korhani surely covered the ground for fashion forward and adventurous for serious fashion lovers, like always.

Take a look at Jayne’s shots from Korhani Home’s runway presentation below.

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