Friday Purse Pick : Oakley’s Factory Lite Duffel

Inspired by Wellness Week, for our “Friday Purse Pick” we choose something you can carry with you to your favourite fitness spot. Be that your favourite gym, yoga spot or just your normal spin class Oakley’s factory lite duffel bag will ensure you have everything you need.  The super trendy colourful duffel bag is a great addition to any fitness lover’s closet.

Oakley’s Factory Lite Duffel bag is the perfect compact fitness bag to carry your extra clothes, towels and more. The bag is designed with nylon fabric for water–resistant tendencies that combine toughness with versatility and convenience. We all hate heavy bags that seem to give us the added 10 pounds for us to carry, but for Oakley’s duffel bag the thin nylon fabric makes this bag ultra light so that the only weight you are carrying is the fitness gear you have brought along inside it. The interior flap pocket and exterior side pocket has a mesh detail for breathable storage that ultimately keeps your gear stored separately and securely. The adjustable or removable shoulder straps give you the options to use the bag in a backpack–like style that is easy to carry or to grip the traditional duffel bag handles. Also, the Factory Lite Duffel includes an integral pocket, this bag is packable for easy carrying when empty. Available in 5 colour options, it can hold up to 31L’s without any problems or tearing in the thin fabric.

Pick up this bag today for only $50 and pack it emptied into pockets and other bags incase you need it on the road. Check out Elaisha on the way to her spin class with her Oakley Factory Lite Duffel bag below, Happy Friday fashion lovers!

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