Friday Purse Pick : MinLing Pan Studio Round Studded Purse

This week we stopped into local designer MinLing’s store to choose a unique bag for our Friday Purse Pick. After walking through the chic little establishment we came across the perfect shoulder purse to feature on this fine Valentine’s Day!

MinLing Pan Studio is a newer purse brand to come out of Toronto, and we have been fans since the start. 31 year old designer and entrepreneur Minling opened MinLing Pan Studio approximately about a year ago. Her studio is cozy in Toronto’s uptown neighbourhood. The bags and purses are simply amazing, completely designed by Min. Min loves any feedback and works to incorporate her customers ideas into each design.

Offering an array of elegant clutches and hangbags we chose a the round shape studded purse. This perfect little round shoulder purse to take on a date, shopping with the girls or even just a night out in the city. This round leather shoulder purse has three zipper compartments. All the studs and charms on the front are hand-sewn. The purse also comes with a detachable strap so you can use it as a shoulder purse or a clutch!!

Drop into MinLin Pan’s studio to see her selection of stunning purses and bags at 158 Eglinton Ave West. Check out Jayne with this purse and also see Minling’s clutches in our Last Minute Dress Picks from Express.

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