World MasterCard Fashion Week Just A Week Away

Canada’s most influential and highly anticipated semi-annual fashion event, World MasterCard Fashion Week, will kick off in exactly a week. While most of us are gearing up and prepping up for a long tired-some 5 days, we plan to spend this week getting you amped up for next weeks events with coverage from last season, contests, the ultimate survival guide and more fun stuff.

Every October and March fashion week hits Toronto like a fashion-forward storm. Showcasing over 30 designers upcoming collections, the week bring together Canada’s top from around the country. With the excitement already building in the fashion industry, and it being the talk of the city already, there’s nothing like reminiscing on last season to make us anticipate this event that much more. During this week of preparing all your outfits, organizing all your appointments and mentally preparing yourself next. Get to know the designers with us and visit back to see our posts on designers who showcased their collections last season and what we would love to see this season. We hope these past designs that are slowly hitting the market for purchase will feed your World MasterCard Fashion Week hunger as the excitement grows.

Take a look at the Calendar from, plan out the shows your seeing and pick up your tickets today!

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