World MasterCard Fashion Week : Rudsak Spring/Summer 2014

Every season we look forward to one of our favourite Canadian leather brands, Rudsak, to hit the runway. And every season Rudsak does nothing but leave us in awe of all the beautiful designs that we’ll have to wait a few months before getting out little paws on. If Rudsak doesn’t visit us here in Toronto for World MasterCard Fashion Week, like a few seasons ago, we simply go into a little bit of a withdrawal. *Begins Shakes* Must See Rudsaks new collection we begin to chant in our minds… haha okay it’s not that terrible but we seriously miss Rudsak when they don’t show during the crazy week so we already have the show penciled into our calendars for this season!

Rudsak is a bran born in Montreal and has grown into one of Canada’s leading fashion brands. Creating designs made solely from passion and loyalty that celebrate the unique wearer, creative leader Evik Asatoorian is quite the creative visionary. Mixing and matching patterns and materials with close attention to details the craftsmanship is always significantly superior and the quality never takes a back seat.

Last week we gave you guys a full preview of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection from Rudsak, here you can see the new pieces on the runway and see how it will ultimately look on you. Guarantee you will fall in love with every piece, if you haven’t already from our collection preview.

Rudsak is probably the most anticipated show for us here at Toronto Fashionista, we simply cannot wait to see the show!? Will we see you there, grab your tickets today because it’s always a packed house!

Take a look at our photos below!

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