World MasterCard Fashion Week : Klaxon Howl Spring/Summer 2014

Klaxon Howl open in 2005 and since then has graced World MasterCard Fashion Week multiple times with the vintage menswear collection. This season he will be showcasing his new collection on Wednesday evening at 5pm!!

Owned by designer Matt Robinson, Klaxon Howl always includes a variety of important, relevant staple items for men in high quality fabrics that ultimately work with the design. Every Klaxon Howl collection is produced by hand, locally and in small batches using construction techniques that are very rarely seen in modern North American manufacturing. Inspiration for the vintage-type collection is drawn from militaria, workwear, and sportswear of the early to mid 20th century.

Each year Matt Robinson decides to present the new Klaxon Howl collection in a unique and interesting way. Last season he showcased the collection as if the models were coming and going on a street corner in london, while the year before it was country-themed. We are so excited to see the unique designs and runway show from Klaxon Howl this season, aren’t you!?!

Take a look at our photos below!

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