Baking In Fashion : High Heel Cupcakes

After a great week at World MasterCard Fashion Week we wanted to bring you a fashion-forward treat that will surely be the talks of any occasion. We bring you the High Heel Cupcake, a delicious snack that not only tastes great but is a lot of fun to make. Just take you favourite cupcake recipe and get the supplies needed and have some fun.

“These cupcakes are made for walking!” These adorable high heel cupcakes are great for birthday’s, dinner parties, or just a girls night! The best part is you get to glam them up all on your own. Make those shoe dream designs into a delicious reality.

What you will need:
12 graham crackers
12 vanilla or chocolate cookie sticks (strawberry is also a great choice)
1 1/2 cups of white or cocoa candy melting wafers
1 cup decorating sugar, colour-coordinated to match shoe size
Vanilla frosting
Food colouring
Any decorating candies you please
I used gum balls, silver chocolate balls and Nutella

1. First all you need to do is take you favourite cupcake recipe and bake, I used my Vanilla cupcakes and Chocolate.
2. Place graham crackers on a work surface one by one. Using a small serrated knife with a back and forth sawing motion, cut the graham cracker in half crosswise. Remove a corner, angled 2/3 inches, on both sides of each cracker to make tapered sole. \  / Repeat for the amount of shoe pairs you’re making.
3. I then using royal icing to attach the cookie sticks to the graham cracker.
4. Cut a slit in the cupcake big enough to set in the bigger end of the graham cracker and fill it with a touch of royal icing to keep it in place and let dry.
5. Before decorating your high heels ensure that the icing is dry so that your shoes are stable enough to work with.
6. Once your shoes are stable and dry you can begin making your high heels beautiful. This is the fun part so enjoy it!!

I originally found the decorating idea for these High Heel cupcakes from my favourite decorating techniques book Cupcakes, cookies & pie, oh my!

Check out our high heel cupcakes below:




IMG_1389  IMG_1380


IMG_1378  IMG_1371


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