World MasterCard Fashion Week: Our Purses

Jayne and I rocked our new purses (courtesy of Viva From Best Buy) during World MasterCard Fashion Week. We were excited to pick out new accessories since wide selection on the lifestyle site allowed for Jayne and I to find purses that matched our varied styles.

10260375Jayne 2

Jayne decided on another Raisa by Hey’s purse, this time in brown. The Shades of Morocco Leather Hobo Bag in Cinnamon features a short strap on the roomy purse which perfect for Jayne who carries a lot of heavy photography essentials which, if worn on the shoulder all the time would cause pain. Quite the contrast from her other Hey’s purse which is compact and black that she also rocked that week.


I decided to go with the gentle tanned leather Ashlin Catrione purse. The looping straps are perfect for over the shoulder wear and toting on my forearm and there is also a long strap for easier wear over the shoulder. Roomy enough for my laptop and beauty bag, this flat purse was my #1 pick from Viva from Best Buy!

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