Holika Holika Opens Shop on Queen Street

Korean beauty giant, Holika Holika, opened up shop on Queen street two weeks ago! The number one celebrity-endorsed beauty brand is from Korea and has over 200 retailer worldwide. Their new Queen street location marks their first shop in Downtown Toronto and offers a wide variety of cosmetics, products for skin & hair, and some accessories.

The new little establishment is located in the trendy Queen Street shopping strip just by Much Music. The chic store has a wide variety of popular lip glosses, mascaras and moisturizers/BB creams. The store also offers other cosmetics for skin and & hair including the ever-so-cute Angel’s Ring range that includes the Bubble Hair Color, a bubble foam to dye your hair simply & easily. A lot of their products are made with close-attention to package design. The great products catch your eye with their creative marketing approaches, such as the absolutely adorable penguin Dream Hand Cream.


Holika Holika offers a wide range of different nail lacquers available in more colours you can possibly imagine. The huge selection wasn’t even the surprising part, it was the extremely affordable price that caught my eye and slightly made me feel like I needed to buy every single one. For just $4, some $6, grab a new colour on literally any budget.


My favourite product in the whole store had to be Holika Holika’s signature heart-shaped lipstick. The moisture-filled lip stick is not only beneficial for your pout, but the stick itself is also cut in a super adorable heart (and I’m a sucker for hearts!). The Heartful Silky Lipstick provides a light moisturizer to your lips while giving you a bright colour. For just $15 you can grab one of the 8 colours online (more colours available in stores) and have silky fresh lips and a cute lipstick your going to want to show off.


There are products that will draw in customers from all markets such as acne-related products for teens as well as anti-aging items for women. They even offers a range of mens products for those who like to be groomed. Lastly, Holika Holika has a section dedicated to beauty accessories such as brushes, eyelashes and more.


Holika Holika first announced their step into North America in 2012. The new addition to the family is the little boutique at 311A Queen Street West is the brands first shop in downtown Toronto. They also have another GTA boutique that is located at Pacific Mall in Markham. Holika Holika products are also available for purchase online and at some other select locations. Holika Holika’s philosophy is that of metamorphosis, like a butterfly, and they are doing just that by spreading their wings into Toronto’s market. This cutesy brand is sure to fit in perfectly with the Queen Street crowd!

Check out the butterfly-clad store:

HH 1

 HH 2aHH 2b

HH 3

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