Embody The Cannes Glamour with Nexxus

This week the team from Nexxus has sent over amazing styling tips put together by creative director and celebrity hair stylist Kevin Mancuso. The tips and tricks for women will ultimately help you create the glamourous looks seen at the Cannes Film Festival while keeping your hair healthy.

The Cannes Film Festival is known for it beautiful European location, avant-garde films and of course the top tier stars on the red carpet. Bringing together glamour and elegance, the Cannes always had an amazing selection of polished hairstyles and sleek up-dos to dominate on the red carpet this year. With the help of us, Nexxus, and Kevin Mancuso’s tips you too can embody all the glamour of the Cannes by emulating some of the hairstyles with us. Replicating the gorgeous hairstyles seen at the Cannes Film Festival is simple with Kevin Mancuso’s suggestions.

The importance of using hair products that are geared towards your specific hair needs is always key, and Kevin Mancuso knows just that. That is why he suggest the new Nexxus Youth Renewal™ line of hair care can help return your hair to its youthful, responsive texture. The new line contains premium ingredients that will ultimately help diminish the eight signs of aging hair leaving it more revitalized allowing you to create sleek up do’s and natural waves with your hair. Get the popular red carpet looks without worrying about breakage or any of the signs of aging hair. The eight signs of aging hair (listed just below) are qualities we are always aimed to correcting so keep these tips close and safe.

 Eight Signs of Aging Hair 

Colour fade
Less Shine
Less abundance
Slower Growth


How-To: Sleek Up-Dos

Make hair look effortlessly elegant with the new takes on sleek ponytails and buns that were seen on a number of actresses.

1. First be sure to prime your hair for an up-do by using a styling aid such as Nexxus Hydra-Light Leave-In Conditioning Foam, which provides weightless nourishment to restore softness and shine.
2. After styling, finish off with a hairspray such as Nexxus Comb Thru® Natural Hold Design and Finishing Mist, to add long-lasting yet soft hold.


How-To: Natural Waves

Wearing your hair down can be extremely elegant if done the right way. Mancuso says The key is to take your hair to the next level and showcase natural waves or curls that are smooth and polished.”

1. First you will prep your hair with Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Plump & Lift Blow Dry SprayThis will help create thicker-looking hair and provide with volume and bounce that everyone will be envious of all day long.
2. After apply the spray, style your natural waves or curls to your desires.


Be sure to come back later this week to catch some Nexxus product review’s on some of the new line’s they have recently released including the Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Plump & Lift Blow Dry Spray!

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