Friday Purse Pick : RW & CO. Quilted Cross-Body Bag 1

Here at Toronto Fashionista we are gearing up for some June travelling! To top fashion spots of the world, Paris and New York, both Elaisha and myself have been prepping with some pre-travel necessities to make for the smoothest, most stylist trips. Any adventure of the sort needs a good cross-body bag to get you around the city for sight-seeing, events, or work. So this week we are featuring RW & Co’s quilted cross-body bag that is both cute and practical!

RW & CO.’s stylish quilted cross-body bag is the perfect travel bag with a classic, chanel-esq, touch. The gold zipper details bring a cool, edgy design to the sleek quilted style. For traveling a cross-body bag is key so you can run around while paying no mind to holding your purse. You don’t want to be getting annoyed by a purse while your trying to explore a new city. The adjustable straps make it great for any size, and easily changed to your comfort needs. The Front detailed zippers are great for extra storage for bank cards, bus tickets and more. The inside has a top zipper closure to ensure your items are secure while also offering an inside zip pocket for those valuable things you never want to loose.

For literally a steal of just $35, get the must-have cross-body bag that will become your go-to for all your summer adventures. We absolutely adore this affordable bag in the Pale Taupe, but it also comes in a fabulous Jet Blue incase your afraid to get dirty! (pictured below)

quilted cross-body bag

rw quilted cross-body bag

rwco quilted cross-body bag

quilted cross-body bag jet blue

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