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 For the last week of Hair Month, Nexxus gives us some great tips for maintaining coloured hair during the summer. As we all know, during the summer months we want to take advantage of as much of the warm weather as possible. Well we also know the sun, and other environmental factors can break havoc on our coloured locks. Creative Director of Nexxus Salon Hair Care and hairstylist, Kevin Mancuso, shares with us his tips to help manage your coloured hair during these busy months. His tips are also guaranteed to leave you with hair that is healthier and more resilient while you enjoy all that summer has to offer. The key to ensuring that your hair is full of youth is proper hair care specified for your hair needs, and your hair needs just this.


This summer your going to want to test out the advanced colour protection system from Nexxus, the new Color Assure collection. The new collection introduces 4 new products to the Nexxus family, and is simply something to rave about to protect your summer colour. The new system offers extraordinary care for colour-treated locks, and I’ve been testing this for a couple days (since my recent salon visit on Monday) and I already love the results. The unique formula is made with exotic white
orchid which provides two times longer colour protection and features a breakthrough Pre-Wash Primer unlike any other.

Check out Kevin’s insight about the new line of haircare, and some tips to keep your summer locks perfect all season long.


With all of the threatening 
elements to colour in the summer, it is your best defence to
 protect hair before washing, resulting in hair that is remarkably
 (using the Pre-Wash Primer) This has been my favourite part of the new line because I’ve never used another product that works to protect before washing your hair. As my hair is a vibrant red, my hair is constantly bleeding when I shower. But after using this I found it cut the amount of bleeding down significantly.

Shampoo& conditioner

The Vibrancy Retention Shampoo is a sulfate-free formula
 designed to maintain luminous colour, while the Vibrancy
 Retention Conditioner further nourishes and preserves locks.


Furthermore, the new product range includes a Glossing Tonic. 
The weightless, oil-infused fine mist dries exceptionally quickly
and is specially crafted to bring out hair’s colour definition and
shine – it adds the perfect finishing touch to your vibrant locks in
the summertime.

By incorporating the full Color Assure system into your daily hair
care routine, you can help ensure your coloured hair maintains its 
vibrancy throughout the summer.

*Italic Words by Nexxus*

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