Book Review : The New Braiding Handbook by Abby Smith

Braids, knots and buns, oh my! If your anything like me you’re going to love The New Braiding Handbook. This full-colour guide will help you master all those tricky styles you’ve always dreamed of doing. This book offers photo step-by-steps to the trendiest braids, twists, updos and more.

The New Braiding Handbook is by Abby Smith, the blogger behind and a beauty expert for Disney’s She also have many hairstyle tutorials available on her YouTube channel.

The book will give you literally the perfect look for any and every occasion. As wedding season has set upon us, this book can really give you the inspiration behind a new, fresh look to pair with that cute dress. Easily master new styles including the Waterfall Braid, Fishtail, Celtic Knot, Topsy Tail High Bun, Half-Up Hair Bow, Crisscross French Twist, and so much more. On top of all the easy-to-follow instruction guides to new styles, the book also includes tips for those bothersome hair problems such as split ends, oily hair, etc.

“Even just a few years ago, I had no idea how to French braid” Abby confesses. So knowing this, I knew this book was going to be great for an amateur like me. Self-taught Abby has provided complete step-by-step instructions along with photos that make learning how to create these styles that much easier. As she has inspired me to learn, I basically have began to carry this book everywhere and play with my hair on my leisure time. You can see below for some of my first attempts at a few of the styles. I admit they aren’t perfect, but for my first shot the instructions proved to me I could learn and get good at this! I’m looking forward to having some new hair styles to rock this summer done by me! This is a must-have book to go next to Abby’s previous book The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook.

For just $16.95 become your own personal hairstylist today and have locks to envy!

Even the back of the book itself is inspiring:

Check out some of my FIRST attempts at some of the looks, and I’m a braiding-amateur! By just following the steps I got pretty close, a little messy, but pretty close.

Braid Copy

Look 1Look 2IMG_9786

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