Curly Thursdays: When it Rains

[Cover image by Max Kopanygin courtesy of Flare]

Nothing will make a curly girl cower in fear more than rain. Below are some hairstyles I’ve used when I get caught in the rain without an umbrella or hood to save me.

Bantu knot out


[Photo by Mila Barberi]

A simple bantu knot takes advantage of shrinkage for a smaller hairstyle. The look can be tailored to your style with an accent braid or by creating a part. I got a bit creative and used my custom Crowns By Caliegh flower crown below!

I love using Moroccanoil’s Hydrating Style cream for this style. The heavy formula has great hold without leaving hair feeling tacky.

style cream



Pull it back!

I am not afraid of exposing my forehead to the world! I love pulling my hair back (gently, so I don’t pull at my hairline and cause breaking) using long scarves or headbands. Got 2 B’s volumizing hairspray has just the right hold for my hair. Before pulling this rain-proof style back, I will gently brush the front to even out my curls and give a quick spray or us John Frieda’s Curl Defining Spray Gel that does not flake for a lose hold once the headband is secure.

Frizz ease


Cover it up!

I have a few favourite hats that can cover up my mane! I love styling my hair to fit under the hats I have collected.



What do you do to protect your hair from the rain?

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