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Recently we attended John Frieda‘s Mixology 101 event/crash course taught by John Freida’s Canadian Creative Consultant Alain Larivee. In the course, Professor Alain Larivee provided the class with a lesson on mixing, cocktailing and laying hair products that are perfectly suited to your hair. Through the course came the introduction of the new John Frieda Stylist Selections mixology hair tool. Taking us back to our school days the informative event revealed the necessary and more importantly personalized steps to achieving the hair you’ve always wanted through the use of this amazing new tool.

Helping Canadian women tend to their various hair needs, John Frieda Canada worked extensively to bring us the new Stylist Selections Hair Tool. Available online for everyones use, the Stylist Selection Hair Tool helps to identify your personal hair needs and offer you a product mixture that will tend to your particular needs. The tool includes most of John Frieda’s shampoos, conditioners, stylers, and finishers, so there is no need to use other brands or products to create the look you are striving for.

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More About John Frieda’s Stylist Selection Tool: 

The John Frieda Stylist Selection Tool was developed as an online hair consultant to assist the average women in the selection of hair care products that are best suited to their individual hair concerns. It also can assist women with selecting great products for styling goals or other needs. To use the tool, first you must establish a hair profile by answering a couple of standard questions about your overall hair type, colour and concerns. The tool then will offer you an ideal assortment of John Frieda products based on your answers. You can go through the steps as many times as you feel necessary to find products for any style you would like to achieve either for an everyday look or a full transformative style. John Frieda ultimately will find you the perfect “Mixology” prescription, similar to a salons advice, that you can get at home with the click of a button.

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Get your personalized hair prescription right now here:

Also check out Jayne’s photos from her attendance at John Frieda’s Mixology 101 below.

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