The Beauty Box : The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth™Eye Concentrate

Start seeing your life through younger-looking eyes with this new miracle working product from The Body Shop. The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth™Eye Concentrate will instantly refresh the eye contour, so say bye-bye to those dark bags and hello to brighter days. Your eyes will appear much less tired instantly, and after long use you will noticeably love the difference.

The new Drops of Youth will work miracles around your eyes as it smoothes the appearance of lines around the eyes, bags and other signs of fatigue. The appearance of eye bags reduces significantly, which is why I love it and this will definitely find it’s way onto my Fashion Week Survival Guide. The innovative cooling roller ball pump applicator make for extremely easy application while it is easily paired with your normal beauty products. It is enriched with Edelweiss plant cells that possess renowned skin renewal properties. It’s also enriched with Community Fair Trade Babassu Oil which is extracted from the nuts of the wild‐growing babassu palm tree (Orbignya phalerata). It absorbs really easily into the under eye area almost immediately when you put it on while it hydrates and firms the delicate eye skin. I would personally recommend this to everyone who have eye issues that include puffiness or wrinkles around the eyes.


How To Use: 

after Drops of Youth™ Concentrate:
1. Gently press the Drops of Youth pump once.
2. Roll the eye concentrate in a figure-8 motion around the eye area.
3. Gently pat the eye area with your fingers to help absorb the product.

Tip: The roller ball applied in a figure-8 motion will gently massage and stimulate blood flow to the delicate eye area.


For the best results, pair the Drops of Youth™Eye Concentrate with Nutriganics™Drops of Youth.


Watch The Body Shop’s promo video ‘Age Is Just A Number: Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate’ below:

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