Tuesday Shoesday : TANYA HEATH Paris Shoes

TANYA HEATH Paris, the original multi-height heel and shoe brand, opened its first Canadian Boutique in October. To welcome TANYA HEATH Paris to Canada we are feature it today to share with you this awesome, innovative shoe technology. TANYA HEATH Paris offers women interchangable heel heights and styles where comfort and mobility meets fashion. Basically each and every pair of TANYA HEATH Paris shoes has a mechanism that allows you to clip the heels on and off. Yes we said it, change your heel height in seconds without out even changing your shoes! The new location opened up in the ever-so-chic Yorkville at 138 Cumberland Street Unit 7, On Old York Lane, and we welcome the fashion with open arms.


It’s really easy to activate the mechanism, all you have to do is simply press with your thumb on the black button inside the shoes. TANYA HEATH Paris Shoes have 4 different heel styles with many different finishes. The heel styles that are offered are Denis a “bootmaker’s” high heel of 8 ½ cmFrançois an elongated stiletto heel of 8 ½ cm;  Christophe a small trotter of 4 ½ cm; and Stephane is a perfect kitten of 6 cm. Along with the 4 different heel styles, TANYA HEATH Paris Shoes has 3 different lines of shoes: the Power, the Liberty and the Seduction. Each line caters to your own personal style, the Power features styles for professional women while the Seduction includes a fabulous collection of shoes great to wear on the dance floor of that chic new club. Lastly, the Liberty collection ultimately encompasses Parisian style and are for super chic women who work in more creative environments. Visit TANYA HEATH Paris’ Shoe Section online to choose your shoe model to begin. After selecting the pair of shoes you adore continue the process by heading over to Heel Section and you can order all the heels you’d like. Really you could have one pair of shoes with several different heels and continuously look like you have a new pair.


Note: It is not possible to wear the shoe like a flat without a heel, but there are smaller/thicker heel heights as 4 1/2 cm for additional comfort and extra mobility.


How to change your heel: 

1) To clip a heel: Simple slide the heel in (without pressing on the internal button) until you hear a click.

2) To un-clip a heel: Just press on the black button inside the shoe while simultaneously pulling the heel out.

Tip: The first few times you might want to try to pull the heel out to make sure that it has been put in securely!


Visit back soon to see if we feature these awesome shoes in more depth, how to style them and more!

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