The Beauty Box : Essence LASH mania reloaded Mascara

Over the summer we attended the Essence Cosmetics fall/winter preview. I’ve always enjoyed using Essence Cosmetics mascara, it always offers a fabulous smooth application at an incredibly affordable price. After sharing my love of mascara with the girls they told me I just HAD to test out the LASH mania reloaded Mascara. Since I began using it about 3 weeks ago I literally haven’t strayed to any other mascara! Not only that, but I am still using the same bottle and it hasn’t gotten clumpy.

The LASH mania reloaded Mascara will give your eyelashes the most extreme volume and ultimately a dramatic false-lash look. Even after long days at World MasterCard Fashion Week I found no flaking, or dark rings under my eyes. You can apply a coat in the morning and it will still look perfect in the evening. It also removes easily with my regular facial cleanser wipes and foam wash.


The LASH mania reloaded Mascara uses an innovative elastomer brush with a star-shaped arrangement of blades that accurately girls your lashes to give them that perfect push-up effect. The application is made easy with the new innovative brush that is, for lack of a better word, ‘springy’. This offers the perfect separation, which makes it easy to pair with other mascaras. It moves to the shape of your eyelashes, and if you do find a clump it is easy to brush out. As I am usually not a fan of brushes that aren’t structured I was a bit skeptical, but the power of this brush is perfect it’s both stable for precision but flexible enough to conform to your natural lash flare.


 For mascara maniacs like myself you will surely be extremely satisfied with the LASH mania reloaded Mascara. If you’re looking for a mascara that separates, lifts and volumizes, you just might fall in love with this. It’s the perfect go-to mascara that gives you everything you need in just a coat or two.

Check out my previous review of Essence’s Get Big Lashes Triple Black Mascara if you’re looking for other affordable mascara alternatives found at your local Shoppers Drug Mart.

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