The Beauty Box : Maybelline’s Eye Studio Brow Drama

During World MasterCard Fashion Week last month we got introduced to a large variety of new products hitting the market. Juicy Couture, NeoStrata, Redken and Maybelline all brought out new goodies for fashion week attendees. Among all the products was Maybellines Eye Studio Brow Drama, their first sculpting brow mascara! As we recently fell in love with Tweezerman’s Brow Mousse we previously reviewed, we were really excited to test out Maybelline’s version.

Get the a bolder, more sculpted brow easier now with Maybelline’s Brow Drama. The first from Maybelline, this sculpting brow mascara is a tinted gel mousse that provides you with fuller, sculpted brows with a completely natural finish. This sets it apart from other brow mousses and mascaras as it both defines the brow while it tames them. I absolutely love this because it not only keeps my unruly brow hairs in place but also gives them full with shape in just one easy step. Everything you need for your brows in just one little bottle. We hope you got a chance to try Maybelline’s Brow Drama at theor booth at World MasterCard Fashion Week, but if you didn’t definetly run out and grab a bottle as we are sure you will enjoy it! The Brow Drama is available in 3 colour tints, check them out below:


How To: Brush onto eyebrows in light upwards strokes and against the natural brow growth. Your brows should look mess, now going with the brows follow along brow contour to smooth your brows back in place.


Tip: For a bolder, more dramatic look, use a darker tint.

Complete the look: 


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