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These recent harsh winters have got us desperately trying to find beauty regimes that rehydrate and repair from winter damage, or at least it has for me. Over the last few months I’ve been seriously putting these products to the test. Dermalogica’s Clear Start™ line is what I’ve been mostly raving about to everyone with problematic skin, or really just anyone looking for a new beauty routine. I absolutely adore the start up kit and suggest it for anyone who wants to try something new but fear change due to how their skin react.

I was first introduced to this newer collection from Dermalogica last spring, just in time for prom at the Degrassi set. The collection includes eight fresh products made specifically for teens and young adults.


Breakouts have seriously met their match and I now have the clearest skin I’ve had in years, and you can too! Developed by the skin health experts at Dermalogica, Clear Start™ uses powerful ingredients and soothing botanicals to deliver real results for young adults. It’s gentle on your skin, but the whole line kicks ass on those breakouts. Breakouts are the number one skin concern among teens and young adults. If you want clear skin for your hot Valentine’s Day date pick Clear Start™ that’s specifically formulated to unclog pores, minimize breakout-causing bacteria and control oil. These are all key factors for controlling breakouts and Clear Start™ works on these areas without aggravating already troubled skin.

The collection takes a four-level approach to clearing breakouts through a combination of therapy, combining the best of nature’s botanicals and the science of breakout-clearing skin care. Through an easy-to-follow daily regimen that incorporate extra clearing products, Clear Start™ helps reveal your clearest level of skin and establish good skin care habits that will last a lifetime.


Used morning and night, the kit I started is a fabulous no fuss cleanse, tone, treat and moisturize routine that helps you manage the natural ups and downs skin goes through. So when oiliness, dryness or even breakouts try to take over, clear start takes charge and keeps skin in balance. The kit includes a foaming wash, all over toner, matte moisturizer SPF 15, overnight treatment, daytime treatment and cooling masque. My favourite products were by far the foaming wash, all over toner and cooling masque. The whole process will make you feel so refreshed both morning and night, I especially loved using the cooling masque every second day for a refreshing finish after a long day. The creams work best for troubled skin, attacking breakouts and oil buildup, while the cream cleanses the excess away. This is probably why I didn’t really feel the need to use all three of the creams given, as my skin is only prone to breakout when I am not consistently cleansing, or on holidays.


Clear skin starts now! Get hands-on with Clear Start™ when you buy the Clear Start™ Breakout Clearing Kit, featuring a complete regimen for younger, breakout-prone skin. Buy it here now:

Also be sure to check out the other products available as part of the Dermalogica’s Clear Start™ Collection.

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