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Last week, ThirdLove became available for us Canadians, and what better timing! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we are all looking for sexy gifts and outfits for out loved ones. 😉 Not only do you get the most personalized service in the comfort of your home, but the collections are jaw dropping just as lingerie should be. Luxury finally meets affordable in the lingerie industry with ThirdLove and we look forward to seeing more of them in Canada and continuing to shop their upcoming collections on our phones!!

ThirdLove has been seen in major magazines including InStyle, Vogue, Mashable, Rifinery29 and more. ThirdLove was started by Heidi Zak with her husband, venture capitalist Dave Spector almost 2 years ago. The duo has created the ultimate lingerie line where women can get their hands on luxury lingerie at affordable prices. ThirdLove offers European-inspired lingerie that is the best of both worlds, both sexy-chic and budget-friendly. While obsessing over every little detail each perfect fitting piece is specially made and delivered right to your door. Their top selling bra is the 24/7 T-Shirt bra (pictured below in nude), but they also have some great styles from the Holiday 2014 collection still available as well as the perfect little numbers for Valentine’s Day available in a fierce red or classic black.


Marc Olivier Le Blanc photography, Pictures by San Francisco Photographer, advertising and editorial.

Not only do they offer a variety of adorable sets, they also offer 1/2 cup sizes! Almost 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, a lot of the time this has to do with the fact that these women fall between traditional bra sizes. Considering these numbers, ThirdLove tends to both types of women to ensure everyone gets the perfect fit with their signature 1/2 cup sizes.


To make the whole bra shopping experience fun ThirdLove doesn’t just offer you luxury undergarments, but they also have just launched the ThirdLove app that includes your very own personalized sizing securely at home in just a few minutes with a couple clicks of your camera. Don’t worry, the app doesn’t store, save or keep your photos in any way so it is completely secure and you can also wear a tight fitting shirt. It is seriously a bra fitting made easy, and very on point. Ex-Google marketer, Heidi Zak, along side a team of scientists, developed the ThirdLove app so it’s capable of accurately calculating your bra size using your iPhone. The apps uses computer vision technology which ultimately analyzes your body size in relation to the iPhone’s size. This science has taken over a year to perfect and is now out and ready for us women seeking less awkward bra sizing experiences to utilize!

I get my first set from the Holiday 2014 Collection that should be arriving soon(ekkk! pictured below) and I’m super stoked to see how it fits! Tell us what your favourites are and what you think of the app and also be sure to enter our hot ThirdLove Valentine’s Day contest here: ThirdLove Pre-Valentine’s Day Contest! Shop today at (Click this link to get $20 off! 😉 )

Marc Olivier Le Blanc photography, Pictures by San Francisco Photographer, advertising and editorial. Marc Olivier Le Blanc photography, Pictures by San Francisco Photographer, advertising and editorial.


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