The Beauty Box : Lypsyl Lip Balm

Keep your lips perfect and kissable for this Valentine’s Day with the help of Lypsyl Lip Balm. Lypsyl will moisturize and soothe dry chapped lips quickly without leaving your lips feeling greasy or sticky. Simply glide on and your ready for your hot date, and those big smooches.

Lypsyl has over 100 years in Swedish lip care experience, so the lip balm ultimately has combine the very best quality ingredients and years of experience to bring out your own natural beauty. Each lip balm will moisturize and sooth dry, chapped lips to keep your lips soft and healthy. They also provide long lasting protection against the drying effects of the environment, or shall we say making out! It glides on easily for smooth and consistent coverage while you can still apply your favourite lipstick on top effortlessly. They are made with no artificial colouring while still providing you with a sensational taste using only the very best of natural flavors and extracts. The most common and popular Lypsyl is the Orignal Moisturizing Formula but they are also available in fruity flavours like Cherry and Tropical Oasis.


How To: Apply liberally and frequently (unless you have paired with a lip colour) to protect your lips from the harsh effects of your everyday elements.

For a romantic night out you must keep your lips soft and kissable so pick up Lypsyl at your local drug store or Wal Mart today!

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