Fuzz Wax Bar

Need a last minute place to get a nice wax before Valentine’s Day? Fuzz Wax Bar has everything you could possibly need, which is the reason I’ve been suggesting it to everyone! The expanding expertise of Fuzz Wax Bar is everything it’s raved about. Simply put it’s a classy place for a great wax done by wax specialist. No more going to your nail salon for those awkward waxing experiences! Fuzz Wax Bar has it all, from head to toe, done quick and effortlessly in a comfortable room.




Fuzz Wax Bar focuses solely on waxing. No mani’s, pedi’s or anything else, just waxing done fast and affordably. The average waxing session could take up to 45 minutes, and who really wants to experience that feeling for nearly an hour? My first time at Fuzz Wax Bar surprised me by far! I’ve gotten a Brazilian Wax enough times to know to give myself at least an hour for my appointment. But at Fuzz Wax Bar I think it took maybe 10 minutes, if even that. It was so surprising and left me with so much extra time to run errands!


Not only is the experience is quick, it’s pretty clean and painless too! Walking in to the purple and grey room you are given baby wipes for a quick cleanse and the time to undress. They work professionally with basic hygiene always in mind. There is no double dipping, reused sheets or gloves. Each treatment room is thoughtfully sanitized after every client. Just having a wax professional do the job feels so much more comfortable then the lady who does your nails and there’s absolutely no mess. We’ve all had those horrible experiences of hot wax dripping accidentally somewhere it was not to be!


Did I mention that Fuzz Wax Bar is also very affordable, and offers memberships for further discounts. Fuzz Wax Bar believes that ‘waxing shouldn’t break the bank’ for a good experience matched with a good wax job. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for price, take a peak at their pricing below:


Fuzz Wax Bar currently has 2 locations, Fuzz on Bloor and Fuzz on Queen. They will be opening a new location in Leslieville this year!


For this Valentine’s Day drop in and get a special little something-something for your man, and yourself! Get their new, and highly recommended Vajacial. A Vajacial is basically put a facial for your lady parts! Sometimes shaving and waxing can take a toll, causing ingrown hairs as well as other skin issues. That’s where the Vajacial comes in handy, it’s a revitalizing treatment that is implemented post-bikini wax. For more information visit http://www.fuzzwaxbar.com


Book your appointment today here: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=23580

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