The Beauty Box : The Body Shop’s Smoky Poppy Range

The Body Shop has done it again with yet another unforgettable collection that began showing up in stores just in time for Valentine’s Day and best of all spring! The new limited-edition Smoky Poppy body care collection is enriched with real hand picked poppy flowers from the Ankara region of Turkey. The new range moisturizes skin and ultimately turns heads with it’s amazing scent. The collection is limited edition so you want to get your hands on it before everyone finds out how amazing it truly is!!

From the moment I open the body butter, the scent gracefully took over leaving me dreaming of flower fields and summer. I knew Instantly I was going to enjoy this new collection. The new Smoky Poppy collection treats you to a blissful sensorial experience with oil extract and has you on a beach in seconds. Indulge alone or share this range with a partner.
Smoky Poppy Body Butter 
Always an all-time favourite for The Body Shop is their body butter. Let yourself succumb to silky smooth skin with the seductive Smoky Poppy Body Butter. This body butter is infused with the extract oil-rich poppies that delivers a touch of blissful moisture leaving the skin feeling desirably soft like most of their body butters. Like The Body Shop iconic body butters, the smoky poppy body butter also hydrate your skin for up to 24 hours and is too enriched with community fair trade Shea butter from Ghana. Do keep in mind that this euphoric scented body butter is best suited for dry to normal skin and should not be use as a face cream.
Smoky Poppy Body Scrub
After falling in love with The Body Shop’s Wild Argan oil body scrub last summer I have become a huge fan of body scrubs in general. So when I heard that the Smoky Poppy range from the Body Shop included a Poppy Seed body scrub naturally I was really excited. The Smoky Poppy Poppy Seed scrub is literally filled with real poppy seeds and leaves you feeling blissfully exfoliated. I cannot say this enough, but the scent is intoxicating and the formula works to lift away dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling sensually soft. This body scrub is also eriched with Cane Sugar from Paraguay and stimulates microcirculation when massaged on. Personally I really can’t decide if I love this one more than the Wild Argan Oil Body scrub or the other way around, but it is definitely my favourite product from the Smoky Poppy range.

Smoky Poppy Eau de Toilette

The Body Shop’s fragrances are purse-perfected, so naturally the Smoky Poppy Eau de Toilette had to be just as fitting. The light fragrance contains a blend of sultry spices, elegant florals and earthy woody notes making it suitable for everyday use. Throw this little bottle in your purse and your just a spritz away from the ultimate seduction.



Smoky Poppy Shower Gel

Lather yourself with a rich, black and seductive shower gel from the Smoky Poppy range. The Smoky Poppy Shower Gel dispenses in an amazing black formula that works to cleanse your deepest impurities. The formula is infused with hand harvested poppy extract from Turkey and has the same euphoric scent as the rest of the collection. The rich lathering gel will make create a whole new experience for your boring everyday showers. What really did surprise me was that the formula was actually black, and leaves you thinking how will I know I’ve gotten the best cleanse, but trust me you’ll feel it! Usually I’m not much of a fan of shower gels, I find them sometimes too sticky and slippery and generally way to much work. But I very much enjoyed this one, it might just be because the black formula made me curious and excited at the same time but the fact of the matter is that I actually enjoyed it so I would definitely recommend this if shower gels are your thing!
The full range is available in seven different products as well as two different gift sets. Check out the collection below:
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Fall in love with the new collection in stores and online today.

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