Tuesday Shoesday : Town Shoes S/S 2015

Spring is in full effect and there’s nothing like a new pair of shoes to amp your excitement. With the warm days setting upon us our boots are being stored and jackets tucked away in our closets. The wardrobe options seem limitless, but the right shoes make all the difference. The need for a new pair is thriving and Town Shoes has everything you need to complete the perfect spring outfit, or even find your new seasonal go-to shoes. With so many style options there is surely a trend for everyone to fall in love with.

Town Shoes carries a wide selection of international shoe and accessory designers. Through the selection process they have complied a spring/summer trends list for easy shopping, as they have done previous seasons. This fun, easy way to shop gives you a pin-pointed idea of the inspiration behind each compiled trend. This season Town Shoes has 9 trend options for women, and slightly less trends for men and children. The seasons trends are: White OutModern MulesThe GladiatorPowerful PetalsAbout Town SandalBarely There SandalPretty PastelsSneaky Stuff and Python Pretty. Online Town Shoes also has a “trend” titled LOULOU Picks, a selection of shoes that have been picked by LOULOU magazine and includes both new and older fashion forward styles.

The blossoming flowers, and green grass is an exciting time of year and for this season pastels are florals are what we, and a lot of women, tend to lean towards. So naturally Powerful Petals and Pretty Pastels were our first stops for browsing and caught our attention the most. The best part of the warmth is bringing out those light, softer colours and not having to worry so much about getting dirty by just simply taking a stroll down the street.

Pastels and Pedals

Although we must admit that checking out the sandals is a great inspiration right now. It’s basic optimism in a shoe! Summer is just around the corner and then come the cute dresses matched with the perfect heels, shorts and a Tee with the most intricate sandals. Town Shoes already has you covered so you can start planning your sandal picks today instead of rushing out later and not relaxing on a patio in the hot sun. Check out some of our favourite sandals below from The Gladiator, About Town Sandal and Barely There Sandal Collection.

Sandals Sandals 1

If you’re generally looking for a funky style, and already have your staples, there are also plenty of options with a more upbeat attitude like Python Pretty.

Or even if you’re just looking for a great pair of sneakers for the season there is also a great variety for the picking. Every girl needs a good pair of sneakers for those adventurous days. Check out some of our favourite, more colourful Sneaky Stuff options for this season that we adore.

Town Shoes Sneakers

Like we said earlier, Town Shoes has something for everyone and every look so be sure to inspire yourself with shoes with a little browse. And right now, in the spirit of Mother’s Day, Town Shoes is overing 20% off all handbags and receive a $15 bonus card with every $100 gift card purchase(Bonus cards valid in stores only). Of course most know this already, but Town Shoes also carries Men and kids for those looking for new styles for the whole family. Shop for yourself or your mother online today at Townshoes.ca or visit your local Town Shoes. Most styles featured today can be found online. Happy Tuesday and don’t forget: ‘If the shoe fits, buy it in every colour!’ 

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