30 Days of Dresses : Day 21 – Just your average Sunday Funday

As we near the end of 30 Days of Dresses there are still so many different styles, cuts and silhouettes we wished we could show. As I’ve mentioned in the last post, there are far too many types of dresses on the market to even make a dent in how many options are truly out there. But as we round up to the end we must show our utmost respect for maxi dresses once again.

 So for day 21 of 30 Days of Dresses I wore the last dress from my mini Boathouse shopping spree. A long, black tribal printed black maxi dress. This dress was also just $17, as most the dresses at Boathouse’s Oakville place location were 50% off. The best part of this maxi dress is the lace-up back that’s paired with an ultra low v neck. I wore my multi-strapped bra for this dress that meet with the lace-up design perfectly. This maxi also includes a slit down the back for extra comfort in everyday movement. Check back at previous looks to see other dresses I’ve featured from Boathouse stores and see the dress below on me:

Check out some of my previous looks for 30 Days of Dresses featuring Maxi dresses:

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