Front Row Access : Narces Fall/Winter 2016 Runway Presentation at TFW

The Narces show, which was the first show for me this Toronto Fashion Week, was everything whimsical and so much more. To explain the complete and utter awe of all the beautiful designs is far more complicated than one may think. Lace, sparkle and sheer what more could a girly-girl ask for.

The show started with a beautiful sparkling red dress. From far away, the dress seemed to be Jessica Rabbit inspired sequin dress except with a deep V neckline paired with long sleeves and an A-line bottom that went right to the floor. But at second glance you can see the sequin is actually so much more with embroidered detailing paired with black sheer. Look after look the show did not fail deliver everything and more for the audience. The strategic placing of the floral lace on some of the dresses brought together evening gowns and the growing trend we keep seeing on the runway, “peekaboo”. Notoriously known for cocktail and eveningwear, Narces continued to bring out gorgeous dress after gorgeous dress, you honestly couldn’t help but want them all. Red, blue and of course black lace were seen in the collection as well as just a touch of white, silver and gold. Take a look at the stunning collection below and let us know your thoughts!

As you can see, Glamour never leaves the designers collection this season and the classic blacks and whites are a great for a more cocktail dress vibe. It’s far too bad that we can’t rock such stunning pieces of art every day of the year, down any street, without looking like we were in the wrong place. Whatever happened to the 50’s and wearing dresses at all times, seriously breaks my heart.

All photos from the photography pit in the gallery below of the Narces show are photographed by Paul Ross of OPIQUE/Top of the Runway

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