Hair Month


VS: Hair Building & Thickening Fibers 2

Happy Friday Fashionistas! Our Hair Month VS is back this week with a product you may have never really considered using yourself. We collected a couple of the newest, or most iconic, products for building and thickening hair fibers and put them to the test. All brands are significantly different […]

The Beauty Box : TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth 1

With another hair contest in our midst, we are featuring another product from the TRESemmé. It’s not the products you can win through our contest, but either of the products here today or from the contest will make you want to switch your shampoo brand. Our hair month contest features TRESemmé’s brand new Renewal […]


Embody The Cannes Glamour with Nexxus

This week the team from Nexxus has sent over amazing styling tips put together by creative director and celebrity hair stylist Kevin Mancuso. The tips and tricks for women will ultimately help you create the glamourous looks seen at the Cannes Film Festival while keeping your hair healthy.

Nexxus feature

Redken Dry Shampoo

VS: Dry Shampoo 1

Happy Friday Fashionistas! Welcome to the first of our VS series during Hair Month. Back by popular demand is our Hair Month instalment of VS where we put products to the test! We’ve collected several of the newest must-have hair product staples and put them to the test against each other […]

Miranda Kerr Is The New Face of Clear Scalp & Hair

It’s a big year for International Supermodel Miranda Kerr! Brand brand ambassador and the face of several companies including the recent unveiling of the new Reebok Skyscape Shoe and face of Escada less than a month ago, the list only continues to get longer. The seemingly superhuman and huge style icon is […]


Hair Tutorial With TRESemme : Textured Ponytail

As part of Hair Month, we promised to give you guys a lot of great hair tutorials that you can accomplish in the comfort of your home. Hair salon-ready hair, but done by yourself! TRESemme offers a wide variety of How-To’s on their website, youtube page and more. So today […]


VS: Dry Shampoo

In this instalment of VS we put some well known dry-shampoo brands to the test! Since my afro won’t permit dry-shampoo usage, I asked my dry-shampoo mavens to test out some awesome products sent along for Hair Month. Take a look at what they thought of the John Frida Luxurious […]