Wellness Week


Friday Purse Pick : Oakley’s Factory Lite Duffel

Inspired by Wellness Week, for our “Friday Purse Pick” we choose something you can carry with you to your favourite fitness spot. Be that your favourite gym, yoga spot or just your normal spin class Oakley’s factory lite duffel bag will ensure you have everything you need.  The super trendy […]

Yoga 101: 5 Lessons I’ve Learned Through My Yoga Practice

I’ve been practicing yoga for almost two years and I still have much to learn. In fact, I don’t think one ever stops learning in yoga. That’s probably why it’s referred to as a ‘practice’ – you never conquer it.However, I’ve been blessed to have wonderfully insightful Bikram yoga teachers who have taught […]


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The Beauty Box : Dove Deconstructs the “Selfie”‏

The term “selfie” was finally coined the word of 2013 by Oxford Dictionaries and the selfie craze has obviously continued into 2014. However Dove, and many others, have noticed that young women often agonize over how they look in their photos. Sometimes taking hours through applying lots of makeup, getting […]


Fuel+ Review & Contest 4

About Fuel + Fuel + is a fabulous little health-concious cafe on Church street that is committed to providing good fuel for the neighbourhood. The part-cafe and part-health food store combines an extensive experience through the passion of health, food and wellness.The unique bar/store is owned and operated by partners […]