baking in fashion

Baking in fashion

Baking In Fashion : Rainbow Cupcakes

For a pick-me-up on a gloomy day, these cupcakes will surely do the trick! With the amount of rain we’re seeing (Hello Spring!) we’re all waiting to see rainbows, and summer roll in. There’s nothing like a beautifully decorated cupcake on a grey, dull day. Bring some smiles to your […]

Baking In Fashion : Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies

   With Easter coming up this weekend, get your baked goods ready and be the talk of your family dinner. If one thing makes Easter, its Cadbury’s Creme Eggs! So today we found a brownie recipe that includes Cadbury Creme Eggs, doesn’t that sound amazing? Well it definitely is! The ultimate treat […]

Baking in fashion

Baking in fashion

Baking In Fashion : Cadbury Mini Egg Cookies

With Easter just around the corner, for the next couple weeks we are going to bring you some delicious delights to get you through the holiday. A holiday based around chocolate easter hunts and feasting with your loved ones, theres nothing like a tasty plate of cookies to add to […]