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30 Days of Dresses : Day 21 – Just your average Sunday Funday

As we near the end of 30 Days of Dresses there are still so many different styles, cuts and silhouettes we wished we could show. As I’ve mentioned in the last post, there are far too many types of dresses on the market to even make a dent in how […]



30 Days of Dresses : Day 19 – A breezy dress for a casual Friday.

As the days begin to get much warmer, we are all on the hunt for breezy dresses that don’t suffocate us and let our bodies breath. I most especially lean toward dresses at the time for the basic fact that you don’t feel as sticky as you would with say […]

30 Days of Dresses : Day 18 – Leopard Print on a Thursday.

Thursday was yet another bright and warm day, a nice glimpse into the summer to come. I have yet to feature a high low dress this season. High low dresses first gained their popularity a few years back when they hit the market by storm. I know I was on […]