Dress Challenge

30 Days of Dresses : Day 30 – The final dress for the 30 day dress challenge!

The last dress has finally arrived! Basically I decided to hold the final day of 30 Days of Dresses back for a couple weeks to keep all of you on your feet anticipating the final dress for the month long challenge. First I thank all the readers who followed along […]



30 Days of Dresses : Day 27 – A dress with flow for rainy Saturday.

There’s nothing like a beautiful day spent in the city, or in the parks inside the city. Everything you need at your finger tips and just footsteps away. Beautiful sites of nature surrounding you can make for a great day out or even just lounging out at a bar. For […]

30 Days of Dresses : Day 19 – A breezy dress for a casual Friday.

As the days begin to get much warmer, we are all on the hunt for breezy dresses that don’t suffocate us and let our bodies breath. I most especially lean toward dresses at the time for the basic fact that you don’t feel as sticky as you would with say […]



30 Days of Dresses : Day 18 – Leopard Print on a Thursday.

Thursday was yet another bright and warm day, a nice glimpse into the summer to come. I have yet to feature a high low dress this season. High low dresses first gained their popularity a few years back when they hit the market by storm. I know I was on […]

30 Days of Dresses : Day 17 – A comfy jersey maxi for a relaxing Wednesday.

For a hot Wednesday at the park the key essential is something that won’t stick to your body and make you feel uncomfortable. That is why some dresses are more ideal during that hot heat that overcomes the city. That means maxi dresses, skater dresses, shift dresses and even slip […]



30 Days of Dresses : Day 16 – A little Flower Power

Day 16 of 30 Days of Dresses was one of the nicest days of the month so far between all the gloomy, rainy days we’ve recently seen. It was a pure sign of summer with the sun so bright mixed with the perfect heat. Layers were shed and patios were […]

30 Days of Dresses : Day 15 – Hitting the half way mark in a Maxi.

I am half way through 30 Days of Dresses and loving it, with more exciting dresses still to come for me to share with you all. Through my celebration of summer and attempt to get others to love dresses like I do, I feature fashion-forward dresses all month that are affordable […]



30 Days of Dresses : Day 9 – Sweet with a touch of Sexy

Earlier this year I finally joined the bandwagon and signed up for a JustFab VIP account, which may or may not have been a good idea for a shopaholic such as myself. Each month new styles are delivered to your email and you have 5 days to decide whether to make […]

30 Days of Dresses : Day 8 – 2 Styles 1 Dress

As we continue to celebrate the first official month of summer with 30 Days of Dresses. We have already seen a couple maxi dresses and skater Dresses, a slip dress and a shift dress! Now to feature a dress that you can make your own by styling it different ways. […]



30 Days of Dresses : Day 6 – Being comfortable in the hot hot heat

The thing I love about dresses is the basic fact that it literally feels like you are walking around naked. The barely there restrictions and breeze is key during the hot hot heat. The best dresses are ones that are effortless, loose-fitting and overall pleasantly comfortable!


30 Days of Dresses : Day 3 – Fun in the Sun 60’s style

We are expecting a hot summer, and in the heat there’s nothing better than a dress that doesn’t make you feel restricted. The 60’s had the right idea to fight the heat, shift dress and flower power style. The prime for the shift dress, this summer we are happy to […]