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30 Days of Dresses : Day 27 – A dress with flow for rainy Saturday.

There‚Äôs nothing like a beautiful day spent in the city, or in the parks inside the city. Everything you need at your finger tips and just footsteps away. Beautiful sites of nature surrounding you can make for a great day out or even just lounging out at a bar. For […]



30 Days of Dresses : Day 25 – A sexy Little Black Wrap Dress hot summer dates.

Every woman needs a stunning, classic little black dress. The little black dress she could pull off multiple times and still look effortlessly fashionable. Like I said in yesterday’s post, Express clothing always offers a wide selection of dress options. So of course in the mix would include some great […]

30 Days of Dresses : Day 24 – A mini cami dress for a blazing hot sunny day.

Every summer wardrobe require a slu of dresses that are equally as hot. From body-cons, to Flared dresses to Maxi’s the search can go far and wide. Year round Express has a wide selection of dress options. If it’s middle of winter or the middle of summer they always have […]


Last Minute Valentine’s Day Dress Picks From EXPRESS

Rushing to figure out what you’re going to wear tomorrow night? Stress no more! Express has a great selection of dresses perfect Valentine’s Day at amazing prices. Not only that, but right now Express is offering 40% off every single item in the store. So pick a dress and accessorize […]