skater dress

30 Days of Dresses : Day 22 – Lakeside in a pink and white skater dress.

With only 8 dresses left for 30 Days of Dresses, I had to be sure to feature another skater dress as they are one of my top favourite styles and I’ve tried to steer away from only featuring dresses with a flare. I wanted to show a variety of dresses, […]


30 Days of Dresses : Day 1 – My Birthday, Sky diving & Delicious Delights

So we are a few days behind for 30 Days of Dresses, but I swear I good reasons and stories! First off day one of 30 Days of Dresses happens to fall on my birthday. It is slightly a coincidence but also my form of celebration for both my birthday […]

30 Days of Dresses : Day 13

On day 13 of 30 Days of Dresses, Jayne spent the Friday evening out on the town in a little black dress. Always classic and chic, every girl needs a good little black dress if not a few. Spend the day working and then go out for drinks after work […]